Anda Skrējāne

Ein Kirschgarten, interactive installation 

based on Anton Chekhov’s play The Cherry Orchard, 2016

Chekhov’s observations of the transforming world and the significance of his characters’ reactions toward it, as well as my own reactions, was the starting point for the concept of the interactive installation A Cherry Orchard. The world as Chekov depicted it – in a state of flux, causing uncertainty, prompted me to reflect on the ongoing changes in my own existing surroundings and the effect they exert, as well as the impact I can have on them. Through A Cherry Orchard, I grasp a moment on the brink of a transition and allow visitors to shape new versions of reality. 

Concept, scenography: Anda Skrējāne

Technical support: Patrick Loibl

Space: Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien / Vienna, AT

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