Anda Skrējāne

Dope og Korruption by Ragnar Kjartansson

set design, 2017 

Set design for Dope og Korruption bar at HAVEN music festival as a tribute to Istedgade’s bodegas and strip clubs, serving prosecco, Sicilian arancini, and truffles. With sleaze in the air, classical music playing on the piano, surprise acts on stage and striptease entertainment provided.


The bar featured as the set for I'll Still Destroy You music video by The National, directed by Ragnar Kjartansson and Allan Sigurðsson. 



Directors: Allan Sigurðsson and Ragnar Kjartansson

Producers: Lilja Gunnarsdóttir, Ingibjörg Sigurjónsdóttir and Haven Festival

Set design: Christoph Fischer, Camilla Hägebarth, Julia Krawczynski, Anda Skrējāne

Cinematography: Allan Sigurðsson, Víðir Sigurðsson, Andreas Bønding Jakobsen

Editing: Allan Sigurðsson

Space: HAVEN festival / Copenhagen, DK

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